dimanche 20 janvier 2008

A private conversation

Back to Paris after a press trip to Muscat, I met with L., a friend of mine. He's an architect and a regular reader and, sometimes, a fierce commentator of my wrintings.
- Yo, great reporter, where have you been this time ? he asked.
- 'was in the Gulf. Press trip.
- Really ? Right now, it's a kind of fashion for the journalist, isn't it ? Were you in Dubaï in order to tell us again and again about the palm island and that big tower ?
- Nope.
- Qatar, then.
- Not exactly.
- Abu Dhabi ?
- No. Oman.
He started laughing.
- Hey, my great journalist, Amman, is not in the Gulf !
- I said, Oman. The Sultanate.
- Oh, yes ! Heard that the place is nice...
- You bet.
- They say that tourism there is quite different than in the other places of the region.
- Definitely the case. Think about it for your holidays.
- Tell me. How many skyscrapers there ?
- None
- What ?
- Zero.
- You're right. I should go there. I may sell some huge towers.
- Do that and, I swear, I'll certainly take care of your knees...

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